You Group Production

Building bridges between Europe and Asia

YOU GROUP Production

Building bridges between Europe and Asia

With more than a decade of sourcing experience, production is part of the core business of You Group. Having an extensive knowledge on supply chain and production of high quality life style products, You Group Production is your go-to sourcing partner. We help companies manufacture both OEM and promotional products, that meet the demand of each individual client. Our clients are not defined by industry, but rather defined by the high quality they require. Apart from the office in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, You Group has an office in Shanghai, China with 20 employees mainly focusing on sourcing and quality control. We make sure that the manufactures lives up to the standards our clients demand, by visiting and controlling at site pre, during and after each production.  We are a full service production company that can assist you through out the entire process. Whether it is graphical work, consulting on the right materials or delivering a final product, we are here to assist you.




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